Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Drunken Santa Clause cure

This one has killed me one more then one occasion.

You are out and about, and next thing you know the entire bar is enjoying drinks on you. We have all been through it. Of course you are trying to be nice, and buying a few drinks when you are out is not a problem. However, when you get real loose and really turn up the volume, you could be into some trouble. Your card is behind the bar so it's like playing with Monopoly money $$$.

Here is my cure: Do NOT take your credit cards out!

Either pay in cash or throw your debit card behind the bar. Credit cards and bars are like superman and kryptonite, Batman and Joker, Fire and Water, Hot and Cold !!!

They don't mix well.

With cash and debit cards you are taking the hit in actual cash, not fake credit card monopoly money.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Kindle - a solid opportunity for savings

I recently bought the new 3G Kindle and have only rave reviews. The device is slim, light, and easy to handle. Furthermore, the 3G capability allows me to download books anywhere.

In regards to saving, it also helps the wallet. I understand that many people to enjoy the feeling of a book, however the monetary savings and added space in my bag is something I can not resist.

Kindle Cost: Roughly $190
Average E - book cost: $12 (many are much less)

Average print book cost: Depends. Hardcovers can run you up to $20, paperbacks on average $15

I read about 50 books a year - Difference in cost per book about  $4

I make my money back in one year -$200 SAVINGS

Show me an investment where you can get 100% in a year and I will show you an investor.

Think of personal finance as a investment game. With what you are saving per year, what is that on your initial cost. Are you purchasing something that will end up a liability or is it an assest

In my book (pun intended), the Kindle speaks for itself.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee please - make it at home !

Simple Monday tip:

Make your coffee at home or in the office. You can buy good coffee for a great price at your local market and fit it into you allotted monthly budget.

That money you were spending everyday can now be used for other things!

$2 a day X 5 = $10 a week = $40 a month = $480 a year


Monday, January 17, 2011

Stop drinking Pepsi and Coke and start drinking Soda - start saving money !!!!!!!

So you love you Pepsi, Coke bla bla bla.

Here are the stats:

1 liter of Pepsi - 400 Calories
1 liter of flavored club soda - 0 Calories

1 liter of Pepsi - $1.25 if not more
1 liter of flavored club soda - $0.50 cents

Club soda gives you that carbonation taste and feel.!
The flavors are great!
It is healthy !


Books I am reading now and have read

As time move on I will let you all know what personal finance books I am reading or have read.

Here we go:

Just two to start off. There are more, but I want to keep all posts short and sweet


Rich dad, poor dad: what the rich teach their kids about money-- that the poor and middle class do not!  - Robert T. Kiyosaki


The Millionaire Mind - Thomas J. Stanley

Checking Accounts - More the merrier

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. I will work on getting one out everyday.

So this is a controversial idea, but one I subscribe to. Having 2 CHECKING ACCOUNTS.

I use one checking account for all of my bills. This checking account is linked to all of my bills and that money is solely used for bills.

My second checking account is used for my spending money. Money for food, drink, dinners, shopping, etc.

I do this because I enjoy knowing how much I can spend everyday and what I have left over each month that I can use to invest or put away for a rainy day. When my spending checking account is low, I know I need to slow down. This also allows me to put away money each month for my savings, 401k, Roth, etc as it is in my bills checking account.

I use TD Commerce here in NY. I can have two checking accounts and do not get charged for it. I have 2 debit cards as well for each account to use as I need.

As with all my posts, I will continue to keep these tips simple and easy !
Try it out !